Extended Library Hours 2015 (5th – 30th January 2015)

It’s the season of new relationships with hard-bound books, soon-to-be-forgotten bonds with notes and the flourishing student-stationery ties. Yes, exams are (unfortunately) just round the corner.
Knowing just this, KSU is once again collaborating with the University of Malta Library to bring you another session of Extended Library Monday from 5th January 2015 till Friday 30th January 2015!

As with the previous years, both the Main Campus and the Health Sciences Library will be open till late during this period.

Extended Library Hours 2015

The opening hours for both libraries will be as follows:

Main Campus* and Health Sciences Libraries
Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 23:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 16:45

*Please note that at the Main Campus Library:
– Study Halls on Level 2 & 3 will be open during Extended Hours.
– The Reference Department will be open from 8:30 – 20:00 during weekdays.
– The Circulation Desk, Melitensia, Periodicals, Reference and Short Loans Departments will be closed during the extended hours (i.e. outside of normal hours).

KSU thanks the UoM Library administration for their consistent cooperation and urges students using the Library to behave appropriately and respect the staff and students making use of this facility.

KSU’s highly successful Night-Time Study Area will also be launched soon! Stay Tuned!


Plagiarism & Library Awareness Session

Have you ever asked why referencing is so important for your academic work? Or what plagiarism actually entails?

KSU’s Education Office, in collaboration with the University of Malta Library, is once again organising an informative seminar on the 10th of December 2014 which will allow students to understand how crucial proper referencing in academic work is. The session presented by Prof. Patrick J. Schembri will be beneficial for future coursework.

During the Seminar, tips will be given on how one can avoid Plagiarism. Assistant Registrars Elisa Vella and Carmen Mangion will be presenting guidelines on what defines plagiarism, its avoidance and related consequences.

The second part of the seminar is about how with just one single search, you can discover books and dissertations held in the Library, as well as full online texts, journal articles and other information resources.. The session will help you make the best use of the new and improved search interface on the Library website http://www.um.edu.mt/library

The venue will be ICT Lab, Room 1,Level -1, Block B, Faculty of ICT . Kindly note that available places are limited so book you place by sending an email to education@ksu.org.mt

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1508196226108528/?fref=ts

Plagiarism and Library Awareness Session 2014

Plagiarism and Library Awareness Session 2014

Student Representatives’ Election: November 2014

Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has been working with the Office of the Registrar at the University of Malta, on a revamp of Student Representative Elections, which are going to be held on the 13th November 2014.

The Registrar Office will be organising this year’s election online through a new programme that the University has acquired.

The Student Representative has a key role to comment on the student’s learning experience and how the quality of the learning and teaching can be enhanced. The involvement of students in Senate, Council and Faculty Board lead to positive changes, such as the improvement of academic standards and a better student learning environment at the University. This will also give the students’ input in the decision-making framework of the University of Malta. The Student Representative will also have a say on the handling of Academic Complaints. Moreover, they also have the possibility to bring up issues relating to policy changes in course structure and regulations within the Education Commission meetings for discussion.

KSU also urges the student body to take advantage of this reform and make sure that their voice is heard on who they would like to represent them on Faculty/Institute/Centre/School’s Board and in KSU’s Education Commission!

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/397020283785220/?pnref=story

It's YOUR time - Vote Online! #studentrep14

It’s YOUR time – Vote Online! #studentrep14

Graduation Speeches 2014

The University has granted KSU permission to select a speech for  thirteen (13) ceremonies (10-23) taking place next December, an updated list of which has been published on the University Website.

The speeches willgraduation-caps-in-air be selected by a board of 5 individuals appointed by the KSU Education Commission, which is made up of student representatives from eachfaculty, institute or centre. KSU reserves the right to publish the chosen speeches on the KSU official website after they have been delivered. The deadline for submission is Friday 3rd October 2014.

Guidelines on how to write and submit graduation speeches are available on the KSU website through this link.

Should any student have any queries or need any advice do not hesitate to contact KSU on education@ksu.org.mt.


During the past week Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has received a number of calls and more than 500 complaints regarding the current situation where results are not being published due to the Collective Agreement Industrial Dispute. KSU has tried to contact all stakeholders who are involved in the collective Agreement’s negotiations. However the concerned entities have not come back with any information regarding the stage of the negotiations. The Student body is alarmed, and KSU is concerned.

The situation got out of hand !

The situation got out of hand !

On the 18th of July 2014, KSU held a press conference at University of Malta Gateway. During this press conference Gayle Lynn Callus, president of KSU stated that students, although not involved in the discussions are the only victims in the current dispute between the Government of Malta, MUT, UMASA and the University of Malta. Besides all this, he stated that the students are the only stakeholders which are not represented around the table of negotiations. Amongst the directives imposed by the mentioned unions there are: to withhold the publication of exam results except those of the final years and also not to attend any meetings.

The President of KSU also stated that not issuing  the exam results is affecting many students especially those who cannot finish their application for ERASMUS+ programmes. He also mentioned the fact that the time between when the results are published and the date of the resit exam is decreased, there is not enough time for the students to study. Adding to this he also stated that the this dispute may lead to a situation where the Revision paper is issue after the resit examinations are held.

Ryan Falzon, KSU Education Commissioner, explained how during the past days KSU have received a number of phone calls and hundreds of complaints from both students and parents. They are all worried regarding the current situation. He also stated that although all students are being affected the Education Office has also received a number of complaints which are Faculty specific. Students of the Faculty of Health Sciences cannot continue working on their thesis, as their proposals were not approved by the Ethics Board, fourth year Medicine students cannot apply for the UK Foundation Programme as they are not able to finish their application, Gozitan students will have to rent flats with higher prices and international students who may have a resit will have to buy more expensive airline tickets to come back to Malta. 

He also explained, how during the past months KSU took an active role in the Collective Agreement negotiations, although not having a formal place in the discussions of the mentioned document. Amongst the proposals there were that academics salaries are maintained or increased, the deadline of publication of results is according to the amount of ECTS of the subject and the dates of the results, and the creation of a coursework feedback.

Rebecca Micallef, KSU Social Policy Commissioner explained the various press releases issued by the council. She stated that it is unacceptable that students are used as chess pawns. KSU have the support of almost all student organisations and urged all students to unite as one front and safeguard their rights.

Gayle Lynn Callus stated that later that day KSU is going to issue an online application where students can enter the Study Unit of which results were still not received and also add comments how this industrial dispute is affecting them. This online form can be accessed from the following link:


He also stated that KSU will be formally asking all parties involved to be represented in any future talks concerning the collective agreement. Therefore the council will lobby to have a representative around the table of negotiations, as the student is the main stakeholder.

While keeping KSU neutrality, the President urged all stake holders to come with as solution as immediately as possible and stop using the student as a bargaining tool. 

After this press conference KSU issued a video where students from the different faculties and student organisations were invited to say their concerns. 


“Students are not Chess Pawns”

Kunsill Stundenti Universitarji (KSU) has been following closely the industrial dispute between MUT, UMASA, University of Malta and the Government of Malta after unfruitful Collective agreement negotiations.  The disagreement centred around the financial package, which according to MUT was “less than the increases given to other public entities”.

Time frame of events:

30th June 2014: MUT and UMASA declared a trade dispute with the University of Malta and Government of Malta as they did not receive any feedback on their  proposals regarding the financial package for the collective agreement. According to the lecturers this resulted in a deadlock in negotiations. KSU issued a press release, reiterating what had been stated in 2008, that students should not be used as a bargaining tool. The council has also communicated with both unions, the Ministry for Education and Employment and also with the University of Malta Rector.

1st July 2014: MUT and UMASA have been informed by the Governmnet  that a counter offer would be presented by that Thursday, latest Friday. Therefore the mentioned unions have decided to suspend the industrial actions.

3rd July 2014: KSU had an urgent meeting with Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment, during which he assured the council that this dispute will be solved until the day after  following the counter proposal given by the Ministry of Finance and PACBU.

4th July 2014: A financial proposal from the University of Malta and the Government was received by MUT and UMASA, in relation to the Collective Agreement negotiations. The received proposals were not satisfying for the Unions as they described them as: “far off from what the Unions expected but is also less than the increases given to other public entities.” The unions re-instituted industrial action in both the University of Malta and Junior College. KSU issued another press release titled “Don’t Trample on our Rights!”, in which it states that students rights should be protected.

5th July 2014:  Gayle Lynn Callus, President of KSU called an urgent KE/KPS meeting during which it was agreed that this is an urgent matter and a KE meeting should be called.

Infographic Timeline explaining the events which took place in Collective Agreement industrial dispute

Infographic Timeline explaining the events which took place in Collective Agreement industrial dispute

7th September: KSU had met with Prof. Juanito Camilleri and Prof. Mary Anne Lauri, the University of Malta Rector and Pro-Rector respectively. During this meeting this issue was discussed. The  KSU Education Office called an urgent Kummissjoni Edukazzjoni (KE) meeting during which a KSU final position was agreed on. The council issued another press release: “Students are not Chess Pawns”. It was stated that KSU should not take sides, however, the students’ main concern regarding this issue is that students are always used as a leverage in such discussion and urged all stake holders to return to the table of negotiations. This press release was also supported by a number of Student Organisations: ASA, ASCS, CSA, ELSA, ESN, GUG, GħSL, GħST,  ICTSA JEF Malta, KSJC, MHSA, MMSA, MPSA, MUSC, Pulse, SACES, S3 , SDM, TDM 2000 Malta, TSA, UESA, We Are.

Press Release issued by KSU: "Students are not Chess Pawns"

Press Release issued by KSU: “Students are not Chess Pawns”

KSU is continuing to follow this issue and will take further steps, which were discussed during the last KE meeting, to make more pressure and stop all the stake holders from continuing to use the student as a bargaining tool.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

The KSU Education Office has embarked on an information campaign with regards to Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) in collaboration with the University of Malta Library. The ETD project started in 2008 with the Library including one or two faculty(ies)/Institute(s)/Centre(s) per year.
The info-graphic communicates the method through which ETD access can be achieved and also portrays the list Faculties/Institutes/Centres/Schools which are currently part of the project. Go through this info-graphic for facilitated learning of ETD access on the Library’s one-stop search engine – HyDi.
Online Thesis Infographic_1920x1080_OUTPUT-01
The on-line dissertations are currently available on the UoM intranet. The steps have been achieved with the support of I.T. Services and as from January 2014, some 2000 electronic dissertations are now available.  By using the I.T. Services username and password academics, students and support staff can access the full-text dissertations of faculties and institutes detailed below:
  1. Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
  2. Faculty for Social WellBeing
  3. Faculty of Arts
  4. Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Laws
  8. Faculty of Theology
  9. Institute for Sustainable Development
  10. Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture
  11. Institute of Maltese Studies
  12. Institute of Physical Education & Sports
  13. Islands and Small States Institute
  14. Mediterranean Institute
  15. School of Performing Arts
The electronic dissertations can be accessed through HyDi, by narrowing down the search to Dissertations.  For example: –
  • Type in the words Malta AND* woman in All Resources – * AND must be written in capital letters
  • Restrict the search to Dissertations
  • Press Search
  • The result shows a list of print and online dissertations.  The print dissertations can be view inside the Melitensia Department whilst the online dissertations can be viewed by clicking on the View Online button.
  • A new window will appear showing the Use Policy
  • Read the Use Policy
  • Click on I Accept
  • The full-text dissertation will appear on your screen.
For 2014, the Faculty for Media & Knowledge Sciences and the Institute of Sustainable Energy will become part of this project.  This project includes various stakeholders, namely Deans, academics, students, support staff and the Library.  Training at student level is given in the first year of implementation in the said faculty/institute/centre.  Training is also offered to academics and support staff every year.For queries related to ETDs, please contact Library on dissertations.lib@um.edu.mt.