Anonymous Complaint Feedback: Unsuitable way of returning assignments to Art students

Recently the Education Office handled an anonymous complaint, whereby a Faculty of Art student expressed his or her disappointment at how their assignments were returned to them in Guze Cassar Pullicino Building. The student claimed that they were returned in boxes and bin bags, which were not organised, and students had to sift through all the assignments for a while to find theirs.

KSU’s Education Office contacted the Faculty’s administration and confirmed that the assignments which were in bin bags were old assignments, and not the ones of this past semester. These old assignments were placed in such a bag because they had been occupying a lot of office space for a long time and administration saw it fit to finally dispose of them. New assignments were placed in the boxes, for easier access.

KSU’s Education Office recommended to the Faculty secretaries and administration that assignments should be returned in a more organised fashion, with labelled boxes. KSU’s Education Office also calls out to students who are part of this Faculty to collect their assignments in as short a time as possible, to minimise the inconvenience for administration.

Late publication of examination results

Many students have been contacting the Education Office lately, complaining that no results have been published yet, and that this is very unfair, particularly when one considers the limited amount of time remaining for the September Examination Period to start, during which resit examinations are held.

Unfortunately, due to a collective agreement which is valid till 2013, University administration is legally allowed till around mid-April to publish the results of the January Examination Period and mid-August to publish the results of the June Examination Period.

When the collective agreement expires in 2013, KSU will be the first to speak out for shorter time frames for the publication of results. Until then, however, not much can be done, as University administration is not infringing any regulations or agreements.


KSU’s Education Office is excited to be launching this blog, serving as an important link to communicate better the daily haps (and mishaps) in our office. We shall shortly be blogging about some recently solved anonymous complaints which were effectively tackled for your benefit. We will also be updating you with what we will be up to, and posting interesting relevant information for your perusal.