KSU’s PR – B.Ed. Entry Restrictions

After discussing the precarious situation pertaining to the entry restriction in the B.Ed course, the KSU’s KE (Kumissjoni Edukazzjoni); the Education Commission which is part of KSU, has recognized the serious implications which need to be addressed to avoid similar incidents cropping up in the future.

Whilst noting with satisfaction the recently published figures in the ‘Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Funding and the Social Dimension’ which show a 50% increase in Maltese university students in the past decade,  and whilst reiterating its commitment to the positive increase in the number of University Students; KSU feels that there is more than meets the eye in B.Ed issue and thus, such an issue should also be tackled by the Education Directorate by dealing with the root of the problem, rather than by just solving the problems in the short term. Adding the number of placements especially in Church and Private schools, will be a successful solution in the short term, but at the end of the day, the solution lies in providing alternative courses and study programmes which are aimed at creating skilled graduates for the niche industries of tomorrow.

KSU believes that the lack of teaching placements, and the inconsistency between the decreasing demand for teachers, and the ever increasing supply of B.Ed. teachers which have reached record numbers, is a clear sign of the lack of planning which lies at the root of this problem. KSU would obviously prefer a situation where all prospective students could enter their preferred course; however the real demographic and economic circumstances require that students enroll in courses which would lead them to higher employment chances once graduated. Hence, KSU holds that it would be misleading on KSU’s part if it merely defends the prospective students who seek to enter the B.Ed. course, since this would be merely illuding such students into entering a course which holds ever-decreasing job opportunities and career prospects.

KSU also notes that the problem is further worsened by the fact that the already diminished teaching opportunities and jobs available to B.Ed. students are being taken up by students from other courses, thus limiting further their chances for these teaching posts.

KSU is concerned with the lack of planning by the Education Directorate which concluded the quantification of teaching placements in September, when such a quantification could have easily been concluded before, avoiding the unfair situation which has arisen. However, KSU holds that the problem does not lie solely within the Faculty of Education, as similar problems will surely arise in the near future, unless the University of Malta diversifies its course programmes to accommodate the growing student body, and the dynamic economic needs of our country. 

KSU encourages prospective B Ed. students who have not yet received their confirmation letter to communicate with KSU’s Education Office on education@ksu.org.mt . KSU will be liaising with the Student Representatives of the Faculty of Education and the administrative and academic staff of the Faculty of Education.


UPDATED: Message sent in advance to Supplementary Examination Period

As part of it’s continued efforts to ensure assessment results are published on time, KSU’s Education Office has chosen to be proactive by sending the below message to all academic staff at UoM through the Registrar. This message had been previously approved by the KE (Kummisjoni Edukazzjoni).

KSU urges University of Malta lecturers and administration to avoid unnecessary delays in the correction and publication of the approaching re-sit examinations.Such timely correction will lead to students knowing whether or not they have passed from the failing exam, allowing them to plan ahead and take the required measures in the case of an eventual fail.

KSU issues such a statement, in the light of delays which saw some of the May/June exam results being published in August,almost two whole months after the actual exam session. Should such delays be repeated in the re-sit examinations, this would lead to the unfair situation where some students would start the new academic year, without knowing whether they have been promoted or not.

KSU’s Education Office hopes that this message will sufficiently urge staff members to work efficiently in the student’s interest and benefit.

KSU has received a confirmation from the Registrar that the message will not be sent to the academic staff, as it was claimed that the majority of results were submitted to the administrative staff within the below deadlines, as per the collective agreement. 

For the January session – by the end of March
For the May/June session – by end of July
For the September session – by the end of September.

KSU will be monitoring the situation closely and keeping you updated through this blog, or otherwise. Should you wish to comment on this development, kindly email us on education@ksu.org.mt