The KSU Referencing Seminar

The KSU Education Office is organizing a Referencing Seminar, on how to find good literature from the internet,and the different types of software you can use to create your references. Dr Sandro Lanfranco (Faculty of Science) and Ms Stefania Cassar (Assistant Librarian) shall be the guest speakers for the day.

Follow this link and fill in the online application form:

ECTS Accreditation Subcommittee

Interested in the introduction of ECTS Accreditation for Voluntary Work, Internships or Work Placements? Believe you can contribute? Email the Education Office on to join the subcommittee responsible for the lobbying for the introduction of such an initiative.

Disappointment at the organisation of Student Representatives’ Elections 2011

This letter was sent to Ms. Maria Filletti, from KSU’s Education Office, regarding the organisation of the Student Representatives’ Elections 2011. We believe better organisation of these elections would result in a larger number of nominations and better participation by the Student Body, in what is a fundamentally important aspect of Student Representation and participation in the Tertiary Education Sector as equal stakeholders.

We would greatly appreciate your comments on the matter.

Dear Ms. Filletti,

I am emailing because I would like to express my disappointment at the news I heard that the list of nominated Student Representatives for each vacant post would be published on Friday. I believe that Friday is too late a day for such information to be published, especially given that it is the last day of the week, giving nominated students very little time to campaign till the following Wednesday 30th, when the elections are held.

As we all know, greater and better student representation leads to less problems down the line, particularly because student representatives aide communication between members of staff at university and students. Unfortunately, this opportunity was already jeopardised by allowing students to think about running for just under a week, which is the amount of time between when the call for applications was emailed and the nominations closed. This is definitely not enough time, as was expressed during our preliminary meeting with you during Fresher’s Week, especially since being a Student Representative is quite a commitment indeed.

Apart from this, I was disappointed with the formatting of the email sent to all students, informing them of the vacancies. I believe the email could have been made more appealing to students, which might have possibly encouraged them to involve themselves more. There is no mention of the nomination deadline on the email sent to students, and no indication of where the nomination forms need to be given in. One has to dig into the Notice present on the University of Malta website to find such information. There is also no information on the front page of the University of Malta Website, even though such an event is an extremely important one.

Finally, I was disappointed by when the election dates and vacancies were announced, hardly two weeks prior to the elections themselves. Once again, this is not enough time to encourage students to run or vote during these elections. Apart from this, I was disappointed to hear that voting rooms will be closing for an hour between 1PM and 2PM, as this might lead to some students not voting, apart from the fact that voting closes at 6PM, when some part time course students would not yet be present on campus, effectively eliminating them from being able to participate in the voting. 

I believe that together with KSU, the University of Malta can do it’s part of promotion by emailing students more appealing emails and by creating better promotions for student representatives posts, together with the promotion we always do as KSU. This would hopefully entice more students to run for student reps and possibly even more to participate in the voting process.

Kind Regards,

Luke Buttigieg
KSU Education Coordinator