What we’ve been up to in Semester 1

Time is perhaps the most valuable currency for students such as Jonathan and myself, as we are juggling the final year of our undergraduate courses together with our demanding roles in KSU. The purpose of this post is to serve as a description of how we spent our time in our roles in KSU during the first semester, and what has been achieved.

1. Organised a successful KE/KPS Seminar, together with the Social Policy Office within KSU, with training seminars and interesting discussions for organisations and student representatives alike.

2. Manned a stand during Fresher’s Week, therefore allowing new students to get to know about their student representatives and speak to us directly about any academic problems they might be facing at this early stage of their University education.

3. Launched and maintained this blog, which has served as an important link between the Education Office and the student body.

4. Introduced Contact Hours, as per the manifesto promise, thereby providing students with a guaranteed number of hours a week when either Jonathan or myself will be at the KSU Office at the Msida campus, should you want to discuss any issues or complaints with us.

5. Given important feedback on matters which affect student’s education, such as the B. Ed. and PGCE Accession Issues earlier this year.

6. Helped organise and promote the Student Representative’s Elections, and also voiced our concerns on the ineffective organisation of such elections.

7. Dealt with 60 official complaints, and numerous other queries and questions. We have also introduced a feedback system, whereby students have the option to anonymously grade the quality of service given by this office with regards to the complaint handling. Results have been encouragingly positive.

8. Organised 6 Education Commission meetings, with encouraging results. Various issues were discussed, both short term and long term. Long term issues are being discussed as per the manifesto promise of ‘Initiating debate about the Single Common Student’s Manifesto.’

9. Redesigned the Student’s Charter, and will be promoting it around University as soon as it is printed, to ensure student’s are well aware of the rights and duties of University, KSU and themselves as students.

10. Revamped the complaint system by commissioning the installation of a new electronic complaint tracking and handling system, which will enhance the quality of complaint handling offered by KSU.

11. Promoted the various complaint options through posters, the KSU website and social media, making sure all students are aware of the variety of means of getting their voice heard. The previous You Complain, You Gain campaign was retired.

12. Improved collaboration with MQC and NCHE, as per the manifesto promise. We have confirmed that external Quality Assurance will be included in the new Education Act which is currently being discussed in parliament. We have also voiced our concern on the disproportionate number of student representatives on Senate and Council boards. Also helped organised a number of seminars to promote Erasmus and funding options.

13. Examination Hall Conditions and Invigilator’s Behaviour Complaints campaign was organised and is currently well under way, having been well received from the student body.

14. Study Week Proposal was presented to University administration by KSU, voicing the need of having a buffer week between the end of the semester and the start of the examination period.

15. ECTS Accreditation Subcommittee was founded and has successfully met and is currently investigating the currently situation with regards to ECTS accreditation for voluntary work, work placements and internships, as per the manifesto promise.

16. Referencing Seminar was organised, together with the University of Malta Library, to promote the various referencing solutions available which can effectively help prevent accidental plagiarism from taking place.

17. KE Welcome Meeting was organised for new Student Representatives, for them to get to know each other and understand how the representative system at University functions. Some representation tips were also given to attendants.

Thank you for reading this blog and keeping yourself updated with what’s going on within the KSU Education Office.

Exam Hall Conditions and Invigilator’s Behaviour Complaints

Tired of simply telling your classmates about an invigilator’s inappropriate behaviour? Was the hall you sat in too cold, too noisy, or was your chair simply very uncomfortable?

It’s time to take action by letting KSU know! We will be working hard with the University of Malta administration to make adverse examination hall conditions and objectionable invigilator’s behaviour a thing of the past.

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