New Integrated Complaint Handling System with Tracking Facilities

As part of it’s manifest promises, KSU has invested over €250 in an integrated complaint handling system which will allow students to better communicate their issues with KSU and also keep track of their complaints in an online environment. Through this system, KSU will be in a better position to represent your needs and help solve your complaints and issues, and provide you with valuable advice.

Students are therefore encouraged to submit their complaints through the online form here, instead of emailing the Education Office directly.

The system is smart enough to create a user account for the student once a complaint is submitted. Students can then easily log on to access a number of threaded conversations with KSU Representatives.

KSU has also invited KE (Education Commission) Members, who are essentially the Student Representatives elected on Faculty/Institute/Centre boards, to register for an account on such a system so they will easily be included in the complaint handling process.

This initiative compliments a number of other steps taken to ensure better quality of complaint handling by KSU this year, including introducing Contact Hours and a survey being sent to students after their complaint is considered exhausted.


Education through a different experience – The Erasmus Program


It is by now well known that student mobility enhances the students’ academic experience while also giving one the opportunity to engage in diverse cultures and societies which, can only be experienced by living in a foreign country.

Although student mobility in Malta is slowly increasing, when compared to the other 33 Erasmus participating countries, the level of student participation is still on the low. The Bologna Process has, in fact, prioritized the increase of participants with the aim of encouraging more students to actively engage in student mobility and spend a semester in another European country; a target which is also said to improve the European Higher Education as a whole. The KSU International Office, together with the University of Malta International Office, have set up a campaign urging students to participate in the Erasmus programs.

The Erasmus Programme offers University of Malta students the possibility of applying to study/train within one of the 500 partner institutions with which the University of Malta has signed a bilateral agreement. Mobility periods range from a minimum of three to a maximum of twelve months.

Interested students, must submit a complete application to the International & EU Office Room 105, Administration Building, University of Malta

Please click on the following link for more information:

For more information one may also contact the International & EU Office on 23403416 or by e-mail


Developments in Anonymous Study Unit Feedback

Quality Assurance at the University of Malta is essentially carried out by the Academic Programmes Quality & Resources Unit of the Office of the Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs. This is the administrative arm of the Programme Validation Committee, which validates courses and Study Units and also follows up on Study Units which are currently offered by processing feedback provided by you, as a student at the University of Malta.

Prior to the publication of results of the particular study unit, APQRU will notify students who have just taken the Study Unit to fill in an anonymous form through which extremely important feedback is received regarding the content of lectures, quality of teaching and assessment, and performance of the lecturer. The feedback form is made available prior to the publication of results of this Study Unit in order to prevent any bias in the feedback which may result if unsatisfactory results are received.

Once collected, the results of the feedback collected are analysed and condensed into a report which abbreviates the feedback received. It is then presented to the lecturer, the Head of Department and the Dean or Director of the Faculty/Institute/Centre which offers the Study Unit, for them to act on such feedback and attempt to improve on the results obtained. One should keep in mind that these results are presented to such people only once the results of the assessment of such a Study Unit are published through eSIMS. As a result, any worries that providing negative feedback will affect the grades obtained are eliminated.

At present, the results are not being made public, since the programme is still in it’s primary stages. Discussions are currently under way to agree on a format for the publication of such results which would allow students and other interested stakeholders to observe the results obtained for particular Study Units, and whether any improvements are being made.

APQRU goes over all the Study Units with a significant number of students in a particular course programme over a three year period.

By providing such feedback, students can ensure that the quality of education provided by the University of Malta is always improving, thus leading to a qualification from such an institution in becoming more valuable in Industry. Further information on the feedback process can be found here.

As part of the manifest promises, the Education Office in KSU had to strive to increase the availability of Anonymous Study Unit Feedback Forms. Given the format of such a feedback process, it has been discovered that increasing the number of Study Units at any time will dilute the feedback process, and render it ineffective, as students might feel overwhelmed when filling the same form for all their Study Units. If a small number of replies is received, the feedback will be unscientific and thus not valuable in improving the quality of the education provided.

For this reason, KSU will instead be focusing in promoting this University of Malta initiative. KSU will also provide an option to communicate which Study Units ought to have Study Unit Feedback Forms made available for them halfway through Semester 2.

You are encouraged to be a full participant in the Higher Education sector at the University of Malta and fill in all the Anonymous Study Unit Feedback Forms available on your eSIMS account.