New Integrated Complaint Handling System with Tracking Facilities

As part of it’s manifest promises, KSU has invested over €250 in an integrated complaint handling system which will allow students to better communicate their issues with KSU and also keep track of their complaints in an online environment. Through this system, KSU will be in a better position to represent your needs and help solve your complaints and issues, and provide you with valuable advice.

Students are therefore encouraged to submit their complaints through the online form here, instead of emailing the Education Office directly.

The system is smart enough to create a user account for the student once a complaint is submitted. Students can then easily log on to access a number of threaded conversations with KSU Representatives.

KSU has also invited KE (Education Commission) Members, who are essentially the Student Representatives elected on Faculty/Institute/Centre boards, to register for an account on such a system so they will easily be included in the complaint handling process.

This initiative compliments a number of other steps taken to ensure better quality of complaint handling by KSU this year, including introducing Contact Hours and a survey being sent to students after their complaint is considered exhausted.


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