Exam Time – Know the Rules!

…and the consequences!

For those of you who are sitting for their exams this upcoming session, may we remind you of a few important things:

  • Exams are a known cause of stress. Stress is a known cause of Facebook. Facebook is a known cause of time wastage. Time wastage is a known cause of stress. Get our drift? If you feel stressed about your upcoming exams, avoid spending too much time online, you will only regret it after. It’s better to take a break and do some exercise instead – it takes your mind off things (and reduces the effects of exam-induced binge-eating, a common symptom of the studious University of Malta student*).
    *Claim is qualitative, not quantitative. But take our word for it.
  • It’s important to know the rules. The Registrar’s Office has just sent out an email regarding instructions on conduct during examinations. The official notice can be read here or on your University Webmail account. There are also a few other important announcements:
    • Cheating or attempts at cheating
      The University takes a very serious view of any cheating or attempts at cheating during examinations. Disciplinary proceedings are undertaken in all cases reported. These may result in the examination concerned being cancelled, besides other disciplinary action as decided by the University Assessment Disciplinary Board.
    • Mobile phones and any other equipment are not authorised
      You are also reminded that under no circumstances should mobile phones or similar equipment be kept by you (on your person or on your desk, whether switched on or not) during an examination. Such equipment should be placed in your bag or handed over to the invigilators before the commencement of the examination.
    • Do not indicate your name or any other personal identification on the examination script
      Disclosing your identity, by any means, is also subject to disciplinary action by the University Assessment Disciplinary Board.
  • It’s also important to know the consequences. The University of Malta has a strict policy on cheating or attempts at seeking an unfair advantage during exams. This policy as well as the consequences for such actions are viewable in the University Assessment Regulations  under the heading ‘Conduct of Students during Examinations‘. Please do think twice about cheating in an exam – the consequences are harsh, and a meeting with the University Assessment Disciplinary Board is never going to be a pleasant experience.
  • If you feel you can’t deal with everything, speak up! If you feel worn out, or have got other things on your mind, talk to someone before sitting for your exam – your case might need resolving without the added stress of exams. Speak to a student representative, a member of staff or if need be seek the help of the University Counselling Services – there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it could happen to anyone!

On behalf of the KSU executive we would like to wish you the best of luck for all your exams!

Revision Week – January 2013

Creating an atmosphere more conducive to studying

UPDATE: Following the first few days of an ongoing review of the adoption of study week it has resulted that there seem to be a number of faculties which are complying to varying degrees with the initiative. We are currently informed that the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery and the Faculty of Arts seem to have largely adopted the principle of study week. There are a few instances of Faculties which are not following this concept, with several complaints emerging from the Faculties of ICT and Law. A number of other Faculties such as Science, FEMA and Education seem to have adhered to the Revision Week overall, although we are aware of one-off cases where lectures are still continuing. We are not aware of any complaints from students from the Faculty of Engineering, MaKS or Social Wellbeing at this stage.

Although the adoption of this initiative is as yet quite a mixed bag, this may also be due to several scenarios and may not necessarily be so severe, depending on the case. Nevertheless, KSU will be tackling the issue as soon as possible by voicing students’ concerns about Revision Week in the upcoming Senate meetings. Taking into consideration that this requires a University-wide culture change and involves some considerable restructuring of certain courses, the first step is to pinpoint which problems exist and where.

On this note, the KSU Education Office would like to clarify that the agreement reached in Senate was that as much as possible no new examinable content should be delivered in the final week before the start of the assessment of that content. This implies several things:

  • Revision Week is not a week without any University lectures
  • Tutorials, Review Lectures, Discussions or other forms of content delivery which do not include new examinable content for the upcoming examination session may still be held
  • Assignments may be due within Revision week
  • New content for other year-long study-units may continue to be delivered

These are more specific circumstances which over time will continue to be addressed so as to maximise the value of Revision Week in creating an atmosphere more conducive to studying.

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Extended Library Hours – January 2013

NOTICE: We urge all students making use of the Library during this busy period to behave appropriately and respectfully towards others. We would also like to remind you to respect the rules of the different areas of the Library and to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Opening Hours:

Main Library:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 to 23:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 17:00

Health Sciences Library:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 23:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 17:00

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Nursing Classifications – Communication from FHS Administration

UPDATE: Following communication from the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, we have received confirmation that the 3-year Diploma and BSc. Nursing programmes have been restructured in such a way so as to ensure a more timely publication of results.

After reviewing the schedule for clinical assessments for final year students, Dr. Roberta Sammut, Head of the Department of Nursing, has informed us that the final classification board for these programmes will take place in July, with results being published in August.

These are very positive developments, which will surely benefit both current and future Nursing students and which go to show that through effective communication and a collaborative effort, students’ concerns can be discussed, considered and acted upon by the University administration.

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