The KSU Education Office meets the Library Administration

As common practice when the new KSU Executive takes office, a number of important consultation meetings with various stakeholders are carried out. KSU and the education office also work with the Library at UoM, where we share a number of common objectives.

Discussions are held between the KSU education office and the library in order to foster an improvement of the Library services. The main objective is that of improving the students’ educational experience through these services.

During this meeting it was noted that the Extended Library Hours initiative (which KSU helped kick-start back in 2011) was largely a successful one. This conclusion comes from a statistical exercise which the Library carries out every six months. Unfortunately, the data pertaining to the period between 2nd May and 14th June showed that the turnout on the new initiative of Sunday Opening hours was drastically low, meaning that there must be a revision of the service. Nevertheless, students are encouraged to make use of the Extended Library Hours as soon as these are available!

A number of interesting current and/or future projects of the UoM Library were discussed. The following points will briefly sum up these initiatives:

  • The library is launching a more efficient and reliable search facility. This tool called HyDi (short for Hybrid Discovery) will search across both print and on-line resources simultaneously.. The facility is expected to be a formidable asset for students in their research.  HyDi will be implemented by the beginning of the new academic year.
  • A centralized online Theses Library is under construction with more faculties and institutes are joining the initiative on a yearly basis. Currently electronic dissertations are available at the Melitensia Department..  In the future e-dissertations will be available on special workstations throughout the Library and its Branches and ultimately on the University’s intranet. The KSU Education commission (KE) has been in discussion on the implementation of this initiative and is committed to supporting a regulated widespread availability of dissertations from UoM students.
  • The library will be also investing in relevant resources including; electronic books, journals and newspapers.
  • There are also future plans to refurbish the Library basement room (former IT services). KSU will be providing suggestions how this space can be maximised for the benefit of UoM students.

KSU is committed to keeping a healthy relationship with the library and fostering collaboration to ensure that every initiative can be of benefit to students.