KE/KPS Seminar 1 – October 2013

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KSU has invited board members of student organisations and student representatives of the University of Malta to the first KE/KPS Seminar of the 13’/14′ term.

This took place on Saturday 19th October at Microsoft Innovation Centre at Skyparks, MIA, Luqa. The seminar programme consisted of the following agenda KE-KPS Seminar 1 – October 2013 – Agenda

The seminar started unfolding with the first session delivered by Mr. David Pace from KPMG and a former KSU Alumni.  The session was about financial aspects and budgeting for a student organisation. The main outcome was that for effective budgeting, an effective workplan is imperative. Other themes discussed included; risk taking, payment schemes, importance of documentation and sponsorships.

Following a short coffee break, Dott. Fabio Giangolini from Strategic Communications delivered a session on the importance of branding and online presence with respect to a student organisation’s marketing strategy. He provided multiple tips on a student organisation can maximise the benefits out of digital marketing and the available online media channels.

The next session was about CV Enhancing and the tools which enhance employability. This was floored by Ms. Olivia Bilocca and Mr. Josef Said from KONNEKT, a local recruitment agency. The presentation was a very practical one as they explained the requirements in preparation for a CV and an interview from the perspective of the recruiter’s expectations.   They highlighted the importance of extracurricular activism to employers when shortlisting potential candidates. The speakers closed the session with an interesting ice-breaking game in order to deliver a strong message not to ever surrender when seeking an employment.

After pausing for lunch, the student organisations’ Freshers week video – Keepin’ It Fresh – A Student’s Story – was launched:

A short intervention from Dr. Josann Cutajar from the Cottonera Resource Centre also followed were some voluntary schemes for students were explained. The group then was divided according to the selected workshop:

The Youth Employability workshop as delivered by Mr. Karl Grech from JCI Malta. The participants were first given a task where they were divided in groups and used a chart to mention a famous person and list down all his/her good attributes. A discussion was then started where the teams spoke about how these people used these qualities to their advantage to succeed.
Mr.Grech also spoke about the importance of teamwork and how useful that attribute is when working in a company.

The Youths and Volunteering workshop was delivered by Ms. Miriam Teuma from Agenzija Zaghzagh. Th workshop was very informal in nature and together with a discussion on aspects of volunteering and what it truly defines; participants shared their personal experience from student organisations. An outcome was that there is still much to do in raising awareness of what volunteering is about and the indirect benefits so as to appeal more individual to engage them in voluntary work.

Theses seminars are a joint initiative between KSU’s Social Policy and Education Offices.

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