Academic Online Tools – Feedback Survey

One of the foremost purposes of KSU is the betterment of education and the promotion of student-centred learning. In this context, the academic tools available at University of Malta should be promoted and their availability to students furthered.

KSU firmly believes that such tools support a smoother academic experience to the student and also facilitates administrative commitments from the academics’ side. In light of this, KSU shall be lobbying with the University of Malta to further ensure the maximized use of the following academic tools by lecturers and students alike.

In highlighting the importance of these tools for students, KSU has issued a survey collect personal feedback from students on how relevant and important such tools are. The survey can can be accessed here and should take only a couple of minutes.

Students are encouraged to provide suggestions on how VLE’s features can be maximised. Amongst the current uses of VLE one can find the availability of the following per study unit:

  • Lecture Notes
  • Additional Reading Material/Links
  • Assignment Submission (including Turnitin draft)
  • Examination Past Papers/Sample Papers

The access for VLE is available here together with further information.

Further information about Turnitin as a plagiarism detection software may be accessed here. This link also includes means of self-training on how to avoid plagiarism and how to make use of Turnitin, amongst other useful resources.

Any issues can be highlighted by sending an email to the KSU Education Office through



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