KSU meets Gozo Pro-Rector

In the spirit of identifying areas of improvement for the benefit of the Gozitan student body, KSU has recently met Gozo Pro-Rector Prof. Joe Friggieri. The talks with Prof. Friggieri provided interesting insight on current efforts by UoM with regards to services towards Gozitan students.

KSU must again highlight and recognize the pronounced increase in the number of students which are allowed to the exams in Gozo. This initiative first saw the light of day following pressures by Gozitan students themselves through Grupp Universitarji Ghawdxin (GUG) where KSU has constantly shown its support. Since then, it has been continued and improved upon and we are now seeing a record number of students being able to do their exams in Gozo.

During the meeting, the Gozo Campus Library was discussed and it was highlighted that an area of improvement would be the addition of computer facilities. In light of this, KSU will be seeking support from Library and IT Services in order to look into the possibility of further investment in the area. KSU will also plan for a scheme through which printed resources at the Gozo library may increase.

Currently, UoM offers video-conferencing facilities to groups of Gozitan students following courses from Gozo. One must appreciate the logistical challenge of video-conferenced lectures and this is therefore available where justified, such as where the number of students at the receiving end is reasonable. This is currently implemented for a number of postgraduate courses such as evening courses and was found to work quite well. In light of this, an increase in video-conferencing units can be a good step forward in improving the facilities available. KSU will be seeking support from IT Services in order to assess the possibility of increase in such facilities.

At the same time, KSU is also working on increasing promotion of the online (e-learning) academic tools at UoM. Among these lies the uploading of assignments to VLE, an initiative which is expected to benefitGozitan students significantly.

On a sidenote, it was concluded that Gozo campus could also benefit from project by KSU which supports students’ daily lives at University. Therefore KSU is currently liasing with Precincts Office in order to extend its water fountain project by installing one at Gozo Campus.

Prof. Friggieri augured that KSU continues its effort in representing students. In the spirit of collaboration, KSU will also maintain contact with GUG so that improvements for Gozitan students can be sought collectively.


KSU meets Academic Affairs Pro-Rector

The KSU education office is working hard to ensure that ideas for improvement in the quality of education materialize in an effective manner. KSU is always seeking to suggest methods which may allow an even better academic experience.

In light of this, KSU recently held a meeting with Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs – Prof. Alfred Vella, to discuss and review certain proposals as constructively as possible. Matters discussed and respective way forwards mainly include the following:
  • KSU is committed to ensuring that valuable academic tools such as VLE and Turnitin are being used across the board at UoM. UoM is equally committed that these tools are made use of by academic staff. The current Academic Online Tools Survey will allow KSU to inform UoM of any gaps, in order to take immediate action
  • In line with the availability and use of Turnitin, KSU is suggesting that Online Assignment Submission is promoted and made widely-available across UoM. In such a digital age, this will facilitate academic commitments. Such a proposal will be put forward for discussion through Senate.
  • Quality assurance in education is a subject at heart for both UoM and KSU and both parties work with full interest in this area. The Study-Unit Feedback is an interesting quality assurance exercise through which academics may improve the delivery of education. With this in mind, KSU is proposing that a system is implemented by which students’ own improvement is facilitated through feedback from their lecturers. ThisAssignment Feedback can be considered a feedback mechanism reciprocal to the study-unit feedback. The education office is currently consolidating a proposal which suggests an implementation of a standardised means which allows students to receive feedback on their work. In the near future, this will also be proposed to Senate.
The meeting with Prof. Vella was very productive. From the outcome, KSU can evaluate the valuable input received in order to identify the best course of action to take so that the student body’s proposals reach their target. This augurs well for a more consolidated education system for the benefit of UoM students.

KSU is ever committed to enhancing its healthy relationship with the Rectorate of the University of Malta and looks forward to engage in more similar colloquial discussions in order to tap benefits for the University student.

Extended Library Hours (inc. Earlier Opening Hours!) – January 2014

Extended Library Hours (inc. Earlier Opening Hours!) Cover Photo

KSU is once again collaborating with the University of Malta Library to bring you another session of Extended Library Hours from 6th to 31th January 2014!

For the first time ever, through its healthy collaboration with the Library, KSU has managed to secure earlier opening hours of both Main Campus and Health Sciences Library. From this January session, opening hours shall start from 8:30am rather 9:00am as a pilot project to test effectiveness of this initiative.

The opening hours for the January 2014 Extended Library Hours session will be the following:


KSU would like to encourage all University students to make most benefit out of this service. Please also take note of the following message from the Library Administration:

Dear Student,

Exams are approaching and the amount of patrons visiting the Library for research and study increases substantially.  In this regard, the staffs of the University of Malta Library want you to feel comfortable while pursuing your studies in our buildings.  The following rules are intended to balance the needs of the Library with the convenience to our users.

  1. Observe the silent study areas and be considerate of others by helping to maintain an atmosphere of quiet.
  2. Food or drink (except water) is not allowed in the Library.  Food and drink can damage library material, equipment and furnishings, and it may disturb other library users.
  3. Due to the limited amount of lockers, every student is required to empty the locker and return the key on a daily basis.

Please observe these rules and encourage others to do so as well.

The Management 

KSU thanks the UoM Library administration for their consistent cooperation and urges students using the Library to behave appropriately and respect the staff and students making use of this facility.