The Student’s Charter

One of the main aims of KSU, as clearly indicated in its statute, is working to protect students’ rights, which are outlined in this Students’ Charter. The education office has always been an active body in KSU, working closely with students, listening to their queries and providing advice. The Students’ Charter is an essential reference tool which helps them understand what their rights and duties are.

The Student’s Charter is a document which enlists the rights and responsibilities of the University of Malta student, the responsibilities of the University of Malta towards its students and also the responsibilities of KSU as the official representative of the student body.  The Students’ Charter outlines the unique relationship between the University and its students as equal stakeholders in higher education. It illustrates the entitlements and responsibilities of both, as well as provides a framework for the University to develop and improve its services, where appropriate.

It is in the University of Malta’s interest to safeguard the well-being of students and therefore the University advocates the guidelines outlined in the Student’s Charter. The University is expected to  foster this amongst its academics in order to extend the University’s views across the exercising of its duties and service to students.

KSU believes that a positive step would be the formal recognition of the Student’s Charter in the Academic Staff Collective Agreement. This would signify an act of goodwill from the academics/University of Malta’s side to ensure that the guidelines in the Student’s Charter are being implemented. KSU is holding the necessary discussions during the current renegotiation of the collective agreement so that the above proposal may be included as a provision.

This KSU proposal is being voiced in the spirit of creating a more widespread commitment toward the well-being and protection of the University of Malta student.


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