Don’t Let Anyone Trample Over Your Rights!

This is KSU’s message to the University student. The purpose of this message is not to alarmingly suggest that the University of Malta is putting the student’s rights at stake in some way. The purpose of this message is targeted to raise awareness of the importance of self-respect and dignity for the University student.

React intelligently to situations were you feel you rights are undermined. Remember that KSU is there purposefully to be of support to you as a student! KSU is your council, and although it is typically committed in organising activities for self sustenance, it is largely focused in maintaining a supportive role for the student’s University experience.

KSU wanted to make this reminder more visual and even more present in the University students’ hangout – Student’s House!

Floor Sticker

And what are the means to communicate your concerns to KSU? Be comfortable and do any of the following:

  • Come at KSU office to speak directly to us!
  • Email us on
  • Acess our Online Complaint System and submit an academic complaint ticket.

To help you even more with the Online Complaint System, KSU has prepared the below info-graphic as a handy guidance. For a more detailed guidance, please view this Education Blog entry.

Don’t let anyone trample over your rights!



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