Extended Library Hours (incl. Earlier Opening Hours) – May/June 2014


KSU is once again collaborating with the University of Malta Library to bring you another session of Extended Library Hours from 5th May to 14th June 2014!

For the second time round, opening hours shall start from 8:30am rather 9:00am .

The opening hours for the May/June 2014 Extended Library Hours session will be the following:


KSU would like to encourage all University students to make most benefit out of this service. Please also take note of the following message from the Library Administration:

Dear Student,

Exams are approaching and the amount of patrons visiting the Library for research and study increases substantially.  In this regard, the staffs of the University of Malta Library want you to feel comfortable while pursuing your studies in our buildings.  The following rules are intended to balance the needs of the Library with the convenience to our users.

  1. Observe the silent study areas and be considerate of others by helping to maintain an atmosphere of quiet.
  2. Food or drink (except water) is not allowed in the Library.  Food and drink can damage library material, equipment and furnishings, and it may disturb other library users.
  3. Due to the limited amount of lockers, every student is required to empty the locker and return the key on a daily basis.

Please observe these rules and encourage others to do so as well.

The Management 

KSU thanks the UoM Library administration for their consistent cooperation and urges students using the Library to behave appropriately and respect the staff and students making use of this facility.