Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

The KSU Education Office has embarked on an information campaign with regards to Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) in collaboration with the University of Malta Library. The ETD project started in 2008 with the Library including one or two faculty(ies)/Institute(s)/Centre(s) per year.
The info-graphic communicates the method through which ETD access can be achieved and also portrays the list Faculties/Institutes/Centres/Schools which are currently part of the project. Go through this info-graphic for facilitated learning of ETD access on the Library’s one-stop search engine – HyDi.
Online Thesis Infographic_1920x1080_OUTPUT-01
The on-line dissertations are currently available on the UoM intranet. The steps have been achieved with the support of I.T. Services and as from January 2014, some 2000 electronic dissertations are now available.  By using the I.T. Services username and password academics, students and support staff can access the full-text dissertations of faculties and institutes detailed below:
  1. Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
  2. Faculty for Social WellBeing
  3. Faculty of Arts
  4. Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Laws
  8. Faculty of Theology
  9. Institute for Sustainable Development
  10. Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture
  11. Institute of Maltese Studies
  12. Institute of Physical Education & Sports
  13. Islands and Small States Institute
  14. Mediterranean Institute
  15. School of Performing Arts
The electronic dissertations can be accessed through HyDi, by narrowing down the search to Dissertations.  For example: –
  • Type in the words Malta AND* woman in All Resources – * AND must be written in capital letters
  • Restrict the search to Dissertations
  • Press Search
  • The result shows a list of print and online dissertations.  The print dissertations can be view inside the Melitensia Department whilst the online dissertations can be viewed by clicking on the View Online button.
  • A new window will appear showing the Use Policy
  • Read the Use Policy
  • Click on I Accept
  • The full-text dissertation will appear on your screen.
For 2014, the Faculty for Media & Knowledge Sciences and the Institute of Sustainable Energy will become part of this project.  This project includes various stakeholders, namely Deans, academics, students, support staff and the Library.  Training at student level is given in the first year of implementation in the said faculty/institute/centre.  Training is also offered to academics and support staff every year.For queries related to ETDs, please contact Library on dissertations.lib@um.edu.mt.

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