Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

The KSU Education Office has embarked on an information campaign with regards to Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) in collaboration with the University of Malta Library. The ETD project started in 2008 with the Library including one or two faculty(ies)/Institute(s)/Centre(s) per year.
The info-graphic communicates the method through which ETD access can be achieved and also portrays the list Faculties/Institutes/Centres/Schools which are currently part of the project. Go through this info-graphic for facilitated learning of ETD access on the Library’s one-stop search engine – HyDi.
Online Thesis Infographic_1920x1080_OUTPUT-01
The on-line dissertations are currently available on the UoM intranet. The steps have been achieved with the support of I.T. Services and as from January 2014, some 2000 electronic dissertations are now available.  By using the I.T. Services username and password academics, students and support staff can access the full-text dissertations of faculties and institutes detailed below:
  1. Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
  2. Faculty for Social WellBeing
  3. Faculty of Arts
  4. Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy
  5. Faculty of Education
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Laws
  8. Faculty of Theology
  9. Institute for Sustainable Development
  10. Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture
  11. Institute of Maltese Studies
  12. Institute of Physical Education & Sports
  13. Islands and Small States Institute
  14. Mediterranean Institute
  15. School of Performing Arts
The electronic dissertations can be accessed through HyDi, by narrowing down the search to Dissertations.  For example: –
  • Type in the words Malta AND* woman in All Resources – * AND must be written in capital letters
  • Restrict the search to Dissertations
  • Press Search
  • The result shows a list of print and online dissertations.  The print dissertations can be view inside the Melitensia Department whilst the online dissertations can be viewed by clicking on the View Online button.
  • A new window will appear showing the Use Policy
  • Read the Use Policy
  • Click on I Accept
  • The full-text dissertation will appear on your screen.
For 2014, the Faculty for Media & Knowledge Sciences and the Institute of Sustainable Energy will become part of this project.  This project includes various stakeholders, namely Deans, academics, students, support staff and the Library.  Training at student level is given in the first year of implementation in the said faculty/institute/centre.  Training is also offered to academics and support staff every year.For queries related to ETDs, please contact Library on dissertations.lib@um.edu.mt.

Extended Library Hours (incl. Earlier Opening Hours) – May/June 2014


KSU is once again collaborating with the University of Malta Library to bring you another session of Extended Library Hours from 5th May to 14th June 2014!

For the second time round, opening hours shall start from 8:30am rather 9:00am .

The opening hours for the May/June 2014 Extended Library Hours session will be the following:


KSU would like to encourage all University students to make most benefit out of this service. Please also take note of the following message from the Library Administration:

Dear Student,

Exams are approaching and the amount of patrons visiting the Library for research and study increases substantially.  In this regard, the staffs of the University of Malta Library want you to feel comfortable while pursuing your studies in our buildings.  The following rules are intended to balance the needs of the Library with the convenience to our users.

  1. Observe the silent study areas and be considerate of others by helping to maintain an atmosphere of quiet.
  2. Food or drink (except water) is not allowed in the Library.  Food and drink can damage library material, equipment and furnishings, and it may disturb other library users.
  3. Due to the limited amount of lockers, every student is required to empty the locker and return the key on a daily basis.

Please observe these rules and encourage others to do so as well.

The Management 

KSU thanks the UoM Library administration for their consistent cooperation and urges students using the Library to behave appropriately and respect the staff and students making use of this facility.

KE/KPS Seminar 2 – March 2014


KSU has invited board members of student organisations and student representatives of the University of Malta to the second KE/KPS Seminar of the 13’/14′ term.

This took place on Saturday 22nd March 2014 at Microsoft Innovation Centre at Skyparks, MIA, Luqa. The seminar programme consisted of the following agenda KE-KPS Seminar 2 – March 2014 – Agenda.

The Seminar kick started with two very interesting training sessions. The training sessions were thought provocative, interactive and most of all relevant to the skills needed for effective student representation. The First session was delivered by Mr Josef Said from KONNEKT and focused about the various skills which contribute the Leadership. The second session was delivered by Mr. Morgan Parnis from Business Leaders Malta and focused on how to effectively delegate commitments in an organisation.

After the coffee break, Mr Saviour Vassallo from the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations gave a presentation about the importance of a student organisation to become legally enrolled as a VO. he focused on the requirements for enrolment and also the commitments which keeps a VO legally abiding. The Office for the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations is the regulator of VO’s whilst VO’s reap benefit of enrolment to support provided by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

Following lunch the members divided into two workshops. These workshops were organised as part of a working process currently carried out within the Social Policy and Education offices of KSU.

Inspector Timothy Zammit from the Malta Police Force – Cyber Crime Unit led a workshop on Cyber Harassment. The discussions were focused on what defines harassment and what makes cyber harassment different. Insp. Zammit spoke about how one can prevent cyber harassment and who one can contact if the need arises. Importance was also given to the fact that there is a lack of education and awareness on these matters both at University and at other institutions. Therefore, this factor is what the KPS Cyber Harassment working group shall be focusing on in the policy being drafted.

Dr. Charmaine Cristiano Grech from the Ministry of Education and Employment led a a workshop on the Education Act Reform. During this workshop KSU’s recommendations were discussed and students present from a wide spectrum of sectors at University of Malta were able to express their opinions and discuss point raised. The discussion shifted from an aspect of legal provisions to the more practical implementation of measures.

These seminars are a joint initiative between the Education Office and the Social Policy Office of KSU.

Academic Online Tools – Feedback Survey

One of the foremost purposes of KSU is the betterment of education and the promotion of student-centred learning. In this context, the academic tools available at University of Malta should be promoted and their availability to students furthered.

KSU firmly believes that such tools support a smoother academic experience to the student and also facilitates administrative commitments from the academics’ side. In light of this, KSU shall be lobbying with the University of Malta to further ensure the maximized use of the following academic tools by lecturers and students alike.

In highlighting the importance of these tools for students, KSU has issued a survey collect personal feedback from students on how relevant and important such tools are. The survey can can be accessed here and should take only a couple of minutes.

Students are encouraged to provide suggestions on how VLE’s features can be maximised. Amongst the current uses of VLE one can find the availability of the following per study unit:

  • Lecture Notes
  • Additional Reading Material/Links
  • Assignment Submission (including Turnitin draft)
  • Examination Past Papers/Sample Papers

The access for VLE is available here together with further information.

Further information about Turnitin as a plagiarism detection software may be accessed here. This link also includes means of self-training on how to avoid plagiarism and how to make use of Turnitin, amongst other useful resources.

Any issues can be highlighted by sending an email to the KSU Education Office through education@ksu.org.mt.


Library Awareness Session – 11th December 2013

Library Awareness Session Poster

Recently, the University of Malta Library has invested in a brand new search system; HyDi. HyDi is the One Stop Search through all Library’s print and online resources

KSU’s Education Office is once again collaborating with UoM Library to deliver a Library Awareness Session focused on Hydi; the Library’s new search system.

During the session you will learn how, within single search, you can discover books and dissertations held in the Library, as well as full-text online journal articles and other information resources. The session will help you make the best use of the new and improved search interface on the Library website http://www.um.edu.mt/library.

Note that available places are limited so book you place by sending an email to education@ksu.org.mt now!

KE/KPS Seminar 1 – October 2013

clean up poster

KSU has invited board members of student organisations and student representatives of the University of Malta to the first KE/KPS Seminar of the 13’/14′ term.

This took place on Saturday 19th October at Microsoft Innovation Centre at Skyparks, MIA, Luqa. The seminar programme consisted of the following agenda KE-KPS Seminar 1 – October 2013 – Agenda

The seminar started unfolding with the first session delivered by Mr. David Pace from KPMG and a former KSU Alumni.  The session was about financial aspects and budgeting for a student organisation. The main outcome was that for effective budgeting, an effective workplan is imperative. Other themes discussed included; risk taking, payment schemes, importance of documentation and sponsorships.

Following a short coffee break, Dott. Fabio Giangolini from Strategic Communications delivered a session on the importance of branding and online presence with respect to a student organisation’s marketing strategy. He provided multiple tips on a student organisation can maximise the benefits out of digital marketing and the available online media channels.

The next session was about CV Enhancing and the tools which enhance employability. This was floored by Ms. Olivia Bilocca and Mr. Josef Said from KONNEKT, a local recruitment agency. The presentation was a very practical one as they explained the requirements in preparation for a CV and an interview from the perspective of the recruiter’s expectations.   They highlighted the importance of extracurricular activism to employers when shortlisting potential candidates. The speakers closed the session with an interesting ice-breaking game in order to deliver a strong message not to ever surrender when seeking an employment.

After pausing for lunch, the student organisations’ Freshers week video – Keepin’ It Fresh – A Student’s Story – was launched:

A short intervention from Dr. Josann Cutajar from the Cottonera Resource Centre also followed were some voluntary schemes for students were explained. The group then was divided according to the selected workshop:

The Youth Employability workshop as delivered by Mr. Karl Grech from JCI Malta. The participants were first given a task where they were divided in groups and used a chart to mention a famous person and list down all his/her good attributes. A discussion was then started where the teams spoke about how these people used these qualities to their advantage to succeed.
Mr.Grech also spoke about the importance of teamwork and how useful that attribute is when working in a company.

The Youths and Volunteering workshop was delivered by Ms. Miriam Teuma from Agenzija Zaghzagh. Th workshop was very informal in nature and together with a discussion on aspects of volunteering and what it truly defines; participants shared their personal experience from student organisations. An outcome was that there is still much to do in raising awareness of what volunteering is about and the indirect benefits so as to appeal more individual to engage them in voluntary work.

Theses seminars are a joint initiative between KSU’s Social Policy and Education Offices.

Graduation Speeches 2013

The University has granted KSU permission to select a speech for fourteen (14) ceremonies (10-23) taking place next December, an updated list of which has been published on the University website.

The speeches will be selected by a board of 5 individuals appointed by the KSU Education Commission, which is made up of student representatives from each faculty, institute or centre. KSU reserves the right to publish the chosen speeches on the KSU official website after they have been delivered. The deadline for submission is Friday 11th October 2013.

Guidelines on how to write and submit graduation speeches are available on the KSU website through this link. Should any student have any queries or need any advice do not hesitate to contact KSU on education@ksu.org.mt.

In relation to Graduation, KSU offers students the service of Toga Rentals for this memorable occasion. More information is available on the KSU website.