Exam Halls & Invigilators’ Behaviour Feedback – June 2013

Exam time is on the run and everyone is now desperately longing for summer. The KSU Education Office is once again reminding students of  the Exam Halls and Invigilators’ Behaviour Feedback forms. This initiative is a an available feedback service from KSU during examinations’ periods. It does no harm in reminding of its availability. If any of you have sat for any exams where you have  feedback, please go ahead and let KSU know.

Click on the images below to access the appropriate form:


ECTS Accreditation Survey

The KSU Education Office is launching a survey on study-units and their ECTS accreditation. The exercise will seek to pinpoint study units with unfair ECTS accreditation or which lack proper study-unit descriptions which are indicative of the unit’s contents and assessment.

The feedback received will be compiled into a report which will be sent to APQRU unit for further consideration and action. Student can fill in the survey below:

Rate Your Rep!

On campus, your voice is probably as strong as the students’ who have been elected to represent you. Student Representatives on Faculty, Institute or Centre Boards work hand in hand with KSU and other Student Organisations to solve your complaints, represent your views and act as a medium between you and the administrative and academic members of staff.

Fill in this form to let us know how your Student Representative(s) are doing! We shall we mediating this information to your Student Representative(s) as required.

New Integrated Complaint Handling System with Tracking Facilities

As part of it’s manifest promises, KSU has invested over €250 in an integrated complaint handling system which will allow students to better communicate their issues with KSU and also keep track of their complaints in an online environment. Through this system, KSU will be in a better position to represent your needs and help solve your complaints and issues, and provide you with valuable advice.

Students are therefore encouraged to submit their complaints through the online form here, instead of emailing the Education Office directly.

The system is smart enough to create a user account for the student once a complaint is submitted. Students can then easily log on to access a number of threaded conversations with KSU Representatives.

KSU has also invited KE (Education Commission) Members, who are essentially the Student Representatives elected on Faculty/Institute/Centre boards, to register for an account on such a system so they will easily be included in the complaint handling process.

This initiative compliments a number of other steps taken to ensure better quality of complaint handling by KSU this year, including introducing Contact Hours and a survey being sent to students after their complaint is considered exhausted.

Exam Hall Conditions and Invigilator’s Behaviour Complaints

Tired of simply telling your classmates about an invigilator’s inappropriate behaviour? Was the hall you sat in too cold, too noisy, or was your chair simply very uncomfortable?

It’s time to take action by letting KSU know! We will be working hard with the University of Malta administration to make adverse examination hall conditions and objectionable invigilator’s behaviour a thing of the past.

Click on either image to access the appropriate form.

NEW: KSU’s Education Office Contact Hours

KSU’s Education Office is proud to announce an initiative through which students who would like to meet KSU Exec members with regards to Educational and Academic matters can rest assured that someone will be there to listen to their issues and help them out at the KSU Office inside Student’s House, at the University of Malta Msida Campus.

By introducing a Contact Hours system, the Education Office hopes students will feel more inclined to visit the KSU Office to discuss their difficulties, since the presence of either Jonathan Falzon or myself will be guaranteed (excluding public holidays and other special holiday periods). These Contact Hours are to compliment the already present system of contacting the Education Office via email on education@ksu.org.mt, through the anonymous complaint form found on the KSU website, or directly on our personal email addresses or mobile numbers (Contact details for Luke Buttigieg and Jonathan Falzon).